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Pristine Communication

for a more convenient and secure


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Providing a Complete Suite of Telecommunication and Security features


 We specialize in both in digital and analog Cameras. We install and repair in your home or business.

Network Systems

We specialize in both commercial and residential wiring. We install, repair or modify telephone, internet and cable wiring.

Security : Alarm Systems

Protect your home and business. We make automation systems easy to the end users.

telecommunication Services
Network Systems

1. Networking Systems

2. Alarm Systems

3. Cameras

Helping you find the right solution.

Pristine Communication LLC is a licensed and insured company that makes sure our customers are satisfied with each job. Our technicians have  > 10 years experience in wiring, cameras and alarm systems. Our main commitment is to you, our customer.  We will accommodate your needs and ensure everything meets your satisfaction.  Your satisfaction is our highest priority.


Pittsburgh, PA


 Commercial Security and Alarms Install

" From scheduling to install, Pristine was a pleasure to work with. All staff members were fantastic and I look forward to working with them again on future projects."


—Mike G, Installation Coordinator at Motion Loft

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